In the last 3 days, 0 Green Your Routine Members commuted 0 times over 0 KM in an environmentally friendly way, preventing approximately 0.0 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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The Green Your Routine challenge runs weekdays from Monday, November 23rd through Thursday, December 3rd. Daily prizes will be awarded for each of the 10 days of the challenge. Plus, if you enter all 10 days you will be eligible to win one of five grand prize packages.

What is Green Your Routine?

Green Your Routine is an annual environmental initiative of Oxford Properties in downtown Calgary. The program encourages staff and tenants in our buildings to think about alternative methods of commuting to and from work. The program started in 2004 and has been building momentum since that time.

The Green Your Routine website has eliminated paper entries, reducing our environmental footprint even further. Best of luck to all entrants and thank you for participating in Oxford Property’s Green Your Routine environmental initiative in downtown Calgary.

How did people get to work today?

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